To Know and Be Known

by cbcabeen on May 30, 2017

“We kindle this flame, the first of many, that in its light we might know and be known, and together stand in the truth of our lives.”

That’s the chalice lighting I wrote for the first meeting of my covenant group, back in February, but the intention’s stuck with me far past that meeting. Lately my stories nudge at me while I’m spraying the laundry or putting away dishes, demanding to be told. They’re stories about topics the covenant groups have been discussing, stories about witchcamp and personal transformation, some stories about what the hell happened last month. It’s clear I’m rusty at writing, because most of the stories disappear as quickly as they come, but it’s equally clear that my spiritual life wants me to write about myself again: something more cogent than journaling or morning pages, but something less complex than the essays I’ve written here before. Something I can tackle a couple paragraphs or sentences at a time.

So, if you’re here with me on this blog, welcome. And welcome also to the stories and questions you bring.

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