The Flaw In My Cunning Plan

…is that the only time I reliably have to respond to comments is the same three hours Saturday morning that I write. So I’m all for conversations on my blog, but I suspect my contribution to them may have to happen at weeklong intervals. Please don’t feel dissed. I like how responding to comments gets me to think more about what I’ve written, and I have trouble doing that kind of thinking when Rebecca wants me to be doing something else. On the other hand, if my responses look like tangents to you, they probably are–don’t feel obliged to respond to them if you’re busy or if it’s not a conversation you want to have right now. On the third hand, if you’re reading my entries long after their initial posting date, it’s still totally fine to comment. Just don’t do it on the LJ rss feed, or I’ll never see it.

That said, I just added responses to last week’s post.

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